HotPrinting & HF Plating

It is a printing system usable on different types of materials. Can be direct or contrast.

When it is direct simply creates a debossing effect on the material, otherwise the transfer of the contrast element (usually a foil) is obtained with the combined effect of pressure and heat with a double passage and creates a debossing printed with the contrast element.

FAQ about Hot Printing

What is this technique suitable for?

This technique is perfect if your aim is to nobilitate a material with a relief (embossing and debossing areas) avenctually adding a color or metallic foil.

What are the suitable materials?

Real leather, eco-leather, textiles, plastics, velvet, others.

It is necessary a mold?

Yes, it is. The mold can be made of brass, steel, copper, magnesium or aluminum.