Airbrushing, Hand Buffered finishing,
Aging treatment

A fully equipped spraying department to perform: materials preparation treatments (primers, adhesives, adhesion promoters), coloring, protecting and finishing raw materials or finished products.

Aging treatments, processing with special pigments (eg photoluminescent).

Hand buffering treatments, application of high thickness paints, special projects.

FAQ about Airbrushing, Hand Bufferedfinishing, Aging treatment

What is this technique suitable for?

This technique allows to add color to a surface. The inks are created with a proper recipe, covering infinite ranges.

What are the suitable materials?

Almost every kind: mainly real leather, textiles, plastics, PU films, polyester fibers, etc..

It is necessary a mold?

For special projects might be necessary to develop a specific tooling such as masks (stencils), positioning tools, etc..