Starting from polyurethane films up to making thermo-transferable adhesives a wide range of materials such as cotton or mixed fabrics up to the same real leather.

The materials are cut following more or less complex designs, then transferred to hot on natural and synthetic fabrics, plastic materials, eco-leather, real suede.

Also this process can be enriched by other techniques for unique results.

FAQ about Thermo Applications

What is this technique suitable for?

This technique allows to bond together different materials.

Whether it’s all-over coatings or logos and decorative textures, the thermo-application technique is always versatile and constantly evolving, thanks to the continuous search for new adhesives or the aid of the plasma process..

What are the suitable materials?

Almost every kind: real leather, textiles, plastics, PU films, polyester fibers, etc..

It is necessary a mold?

No, it isn’t. What is necessary is a vector file .dwg, .dxf, .ai, pdf, others..