SHF texflex, Dynamics, Ecodomes

Among the items that only a few companies in the world produce, is the collection of products called SHF, Dynamic and Ecodomes.

These are thermo-adhesives made from polyurethane foils, processed in HF in order to give three-dimensionality, which can be heatapplied or electro-welded on a wide range of materials.

The foils are customizable with any color (PANTONE references), they can have metallic, glossy or matte finishes, but also glitter, flocked, luminescent.

FAQ about SHF

What is this technique suitable for?

This technique is perfect if your aim is to obtain a relief.

On which materials can SHF be applied?

They can be applied on natural and synthetic fabrics, plastic materials, eco-leather, real suede. It is not recommended to apply it on finished leathers and on fabrics subjected to silicone-based treatments.

Based on the material on which you intend to apply the product, specific adhesives are used. It is however advisable to carry out preventive tests to identify the most suitable adhesive to meet the need.

What is the maximum achievable three-dimensionalthickness?

Much depends on the type of graphics and the presence or absence of texturizations.

Is a mold needed?

Yes. Standard times for making the mold range from 2 to 10 days depending on the size and complexity of the design.