Semi cut & color, Intarsia fx

Laserpaint technique allows to simulate the intarsia effect with no fear for the bonding of each (even tiny) parts.

It consist in an half-cut of the leather (a cut that doesn’t go over half of the total thickness).

Part of the design is covered by a mask and the other part is open to receive a color, or a pattern.

When the cover part is released the panel looks like an intarsia but it’s safe like a untouched piece of material.


What is this technique suitable for?

This technique allows multicolored creations, with the enrichment of laser processing.

What are the suitable materials?

All types of leather with a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm, polyurethane coated, regenerated leather, etc.

It is necessary a mold?

No, it isn’t. What is necessary is a vector file (.dwg, .dxf, .ai, .pdf, others).