High Frequency

It is a process that can be used on plastics,

real leather, fabrics, synthetics, refractive

and many others.

The material, crossed by high frequency

current, reacts and the molecules that

compose it enter into vibration and heat

up to the melting point.

This technique allows to obtain writings

and logos in relief, in the most different

forms, but also textures, microtextures,

geometric designs and opticals creating

effects that can be emphasized by the

overlapping of other processes such as 3d

spraying or screen or digital printing.

FAQ about HF

What is this technique suitable for?

This technique is perfect if your aim is to obtain a relief.

What are the suitable materials?

Almost every kind: real leather, textiles, plastics, etc…

About the filling, what kind of filling is suitable?

Phthalate-free PVC foam, polyurethane foam, silicon, others… and all of these are available in different softness or stiffness to meet all requirements.

It is necessary a mold?

Yes, it is. There are different types of molds, the choice of the type depends on the graphics and the expected appearance.

Standard timing for the mold is from 2 to 7 days depending on the kind.