HF Lenticular PU

Lenticular material exists from years, we have manipulated and mixed with different materials and techniques, with the aim of obtain something new, capable to vehiculate messages, create a movement effect, giving dynamicity to an image static like something printed on a bag panel or the upper of a shoe.

So we have developed a new process, it starts with the digital elaboration of (at least!) 2 different images (graphics or pictures).

The file obtained is printed on the back a transparent material (PVC or PU), then the material is processed in HF creating a texture of lens.

Moving the panel obtained, you will see through the lens the first or the second image (or a sequence of up to 10 images).

FAQ about HF

What is this technique suitable for?

It is suitable for bags, SLG, shoes, details, logos.

What kind of effects is achievable?

The first and most common is a switch from the first to the second image, for example from one color to another or from a big logo to an all-over monogram.

Another amazing effect is a kind of “floating” object in a 3D space, or the simulation of a loop movement vertical or horizontal… The limit is in your creativity.

What is the maximum dimention?

At the moment, the bigger done is about 30×40 cm (enough to do a bag panel or the upper of a sneakers).

Is a mold needed?

Yes. Standard times for making the mold range from 4 to 10 days depending on the size and complexity of the design.